Dog Paw Cleaning Cup

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  • NO MORE DIRTY PAW PRINTS: Wash your dogs paws before they come indoors and keep your car and carpets clean
  • PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT: Keep it in your car or by the door to your house and quickly clean your dogs paws before they come in
  • DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Made from high quality silicone bristles and BPA free plastic, easy to take apart and clean
  • HYGIENIC AND HEALTHY: Keep your pup's paws healthy by thoroughly removing sand, mud and potential irritants from between their toes and claws
  • GENTLE BUT EFFECTIVE: Soft silicone bristles gently and effectively remove all traces of dirt with no need for cleaning agents and no distress or discomfort for your pooch

‣Keep your home and your car clean with this portable doggy doormat

No more muddy paw prints trailing through the house or all over the back seat of your car! If you take your dog for a walk in the mud or along the beach, now you can leave the dirt where it belongs with this convenient, portable dog paw cleaning cup. Keep it in your car in case of rainy days or by the door of your home for quick and effective cleaning after muddy walks or playing in the garden. Much more effective than a regular doormat the paw cleaning cup traps the dirt and keeps it inside the cup to keep your dog's paws - and your floors, carpets and furniture - pristine. 

‣Reduce the risk of infection

The specially designed soft silicone bristles remove trapped grass seeds, dirt and debris from between the toes and under claws, reducing he chance of your dog picking up an infection or spreading dirt and bacteria around your home. 

‣Portable and easy to clean

The Gravitis dog paw cleaning cup is small enough to take along anywhere. It is also very easy to take apart and clean after use. 

‣Instructions for use

1. Fill the cup with water - if you're out on a walk then cold water is fine, if at home then use warm (but not hot) water. No soap or cleaning agents required

2. Guide your dog's paw gently into the cup. You might want to keep some treats handy the first time you use the cup until they get the idea. 

3. Keep the dog's paw still and twist the cup around so that the soft silicone bristles can gently remove all traces of dirt and debris from your dog's paw. 

4. Pat the dog's paw dry with a towel 

5. Repeat until all of your dog's paws are clean.

6. Discard water and rinse cup and bristles clean before next use

‣Suitable for Medium-Sized Dogs

Bulldog, Spaniel, Collie, Corgi, Basset Hound, Husky, Dalmatian, Boxer, Labrador, Retriever, Standard Poodle