Dog Massage Shower Sprayer Hose and Attachments for Indoor and Outdoor use

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  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE PET WASHING: Unique handle shape makes bathing fast, easy and efficient with reduced rinsing time, washing any type of dog
  •  BUILT-IN IONIC WATER PURIFIER: Incudes an inline mineral filter to reduce chlorine and limescale and improve skin and coat condition, creating a luxury spa experience for dogs
  • RUBBER MASSAGE HEAD: Shower head is fitted with a rubber massage attachment that works deep into the fur and soothes your dog by brushing and washing simultaneously
  • SPLASH SHIELD: The only dog washing kit with a splash guard - to keep the water on the dog and not on you. Also keeps water away from your pet's eyes and ears
  •  LIFETIME WARRANTY: Lifetime manufacturer warranty on all parts and components, for your peace of mind

‣ The easy way to wash your pets 

The Gravitis Pet Supplies Dog Massage Shower Head is specifically designed with dogs in mind. For a deep clean and professional finish every time, without getting yourself wet.


‣ Rubber Massage Shower Head
‣ Unique grooming handle
‣ Splash guard
‣ Inline mineral water purifier
‣ Extra long hose
‣ Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use 

‣Unique design helps you work soap right into the fur and reduces rinsing time 

This pet shower hose has been designed with pets in mind. The rubber massage head allows you to work the soap and water right into your dogs fur to remove dirt, odour and smells without leaving any residue behind. The unique grooming handle allows you to hold the showerhead like a brush as you gently massage your dog to clean them and their stimulate circulation. The built in splash guard protects you from getting wet and also helps to prevent water or soap from going into your dogs eyes or ears. 

‣Inline mineral filter reduces lime scale and boosts skin 

The shower's negative ionic mineralisation system works within the shower head to reduce chlorine and limescale, whilst infusing your pet's skin with mineral nutrients, for softer, smoother skin. Providing a luxury health spa experience for your best friend. 

‣Suitable for indoor and outdoor use 

The Dog Massage Shower is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and comes with an outdoor tap adapter and an indoor diverter so it is suitable for home use or can be attached to a professional dog bath for use in a grooming salon. 

Package Includes: 

‣Massage Shower Head
‣8 ft (2.43m) hose
‣Outdoor adapter
‣Indoor Diverter

Also comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty on all parts and components, for your peace of mind