Dog Grooming Accessories

From dog grooming loops to massaging shower hoses, we’ve got everything you need for styling your pets at home, in the salon - or even on the go - with a mobile pet grooming business or show pets. All of our accessories are compatible with the Gravitis range of pet grooming products, for clean, healthy and happy pets.

Our heavy duty 5 piece dog grooming set includes everything you need to get started when grooming your pets at home. If you're using a grooming table then you might want to invest in some of our special grooming table accessories including a grooming arm tool caddy - to keep all of your brushes and tools in place - a range of dryer holders and mounting brackets and our popular dog grooming loop set with a no-sit haunch holder. All designed to make your grooming sessions easier to manage, whilst keeping your pets comfortable and secure. 

Dog grooming tables, grooming arms and scissors are available in their own separate sections on the website.