Grooming Tables

Our range of pet grooming tables are designed with our customers in mind. Our original folding Professional Dog Grooming Table is ideal for mobile groomers and small to medium sized pets and our larger Electric Dog Grooming Table is better suited to salon use. 

Both tables have exceptional build quality with non-slip hygienic PVC matting and independently adjustable rubber feet, which enable you to crate a level work surface on any kind of floor. Both tables come complete with grooming arms, grooming loops and a haunch holder.

The original folding Professional Dog Grooming Table is great for home, mobile or show grooming as it can be folded easily and fits into a car boot or cupboard if you need to transport it or store it away.

The Electric Dog Grooming Table has 120kg of electronic lifting power controlled by two foot pedals at the base of the unit. Ideal for grooming any size dog, it can be lowered to 27.5cm so that your dog can get onto the table and then be gently raised to grooming height – like a dentists chair. The adjustable height feature also makes it easy for you to groom your pet whilst standing or seated – or a combination of both.