SHELANDY 45" Pet Grooming Bathtub Dog Wash Station | Heavy Duty Bathing Tub

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Introducing our Shelandy 45-Inch Dog Grooming Bath, the ultimate pet washing station designed with convenience, safety, and durability in mind. This spacious grooming bath offers a comfortable and secure environment for your pets during bath time. Crafted with high-quality materials and thoughtful features, our dog grooming bath is perfect for pet owners and professional groomers alike.
  • Non-slip bottom: Prevents your pet from slipping during bath time, ensuring a safe and stress-free experience.
  • 5-foot drain hose: Easily and efficiently drain the water after bathing your pet.
  • Grooming leash: Comes with a leash for pet restraint, keeping your pet secure while you groom them.
  • Foldable and sturdy stainless steel legs: Allows for easy storage when not in use, without compromising stability.
  • Durable outdoor grade polymer material: Withstands outdoor use and resists color fading.
  • Heavy-duty structure: Supports pets up to 150 lbs, making it ideal for large breeds.
  • Best-in-market stability: Designed to provide maximum stability and safety for your pets during grooming sessions.
  • 6-foot drain hose included: Ensures hassle-free water drainage and clean-up after bath time.