7.5” Ambidextrous straight scissors with case

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  • 7.5” STRAIGHT DOG SCISSORS: These professional quality dog trimming scissors are great all-round scissors for all types of dog grooming. An essential piece of equipment for any home or professional salon dog grooming kit.
  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL: Made from tough stainless steel these scissors will not rust and are made to last. The ambidextrous design means these scissors are suitable for right handed or left handed dog grooming.
  • PRACTICAL AND COMFORTABLE TO USE: The handle on each pair of scissors is fitted with an extra finger grip, enabling you to keep a steady hand when grooming.
  • ERGONOMIC, ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: Scissors include a silent soft close pad between the handles to reduce noise. The red screw in the middle of the scissors can be turned to adjust the tension of the shears to your preferred friction level for precision trimming.
  • Probably the most important pair of grooming scissors any groomer needs, these versatile grooming shears can be used for everything – from a quick trim to a longer cut. Great for creating shape, removing bulk or a precise finish at the end of your trim.



These scissors have been specially designed for right and left-handed dog groomers and can be used by both.The scissors are fitted with a silent soft close pad, which reduces noise when clipping and also make them more comfortable to use. There is an adjustable screw to set the tension of the scissors to your preferred setting.



These pink Gravitis Pet Supplies Professional Dog Grooming Scissors come complete with a stylish black zip case and cleaning cloth. Helping you to preserve and store your scissors safely until they are needed.The handles are fitted with additional finger grips to keep your hand steady during more detailed cuts.