Adjustable 36” Grooming Arm with Clamp and Dog Grooming Loop with Small/Medium Haunch Holder

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  • THE PROFESSIONAL'S CHOICE: Popular with professional groomers, this durable 36" grooming arm will keep your dog firmly in place so you can get on with grooming
  • FITS MOST GROOMING TABLES: The grooming arm is fully adjustable up to 35" (88cm) high and will clamp securely onto most grooming tables from 1 - 5cm (2 inches) thick
  • INCLUDES CLAMPS AND HARNESS: Grooming arm comes complete with grooming loop and a free small/medium sized haunch holder to keep your pet secure whilst you get on with brushing and clipping
  • AVAILABLE IN 3 COLOURS: Comes in a choice of Black, Pink or Purple.
  • FOR PROFESSIONAL OR HOME PET GROOMING: Ideal for professional pet groomers, show dogs and cats or home use - the grooming arm is very easy to clean and store when not in use

‣The Professional Groomer's Choice for Quality Pet Grooming Results 

The Gravitis Pet Supplies Adjustable Pet Grooming Arm is a robust, versatile and adjustable grooming arm designed for use with the Gravitis Pet Supplies Pet Grooming Table but suitable for use with most pet grooming tables. The arm 36" arm comes complete with a secure, adjustable clamp to fit grooming tables up to 2 inches thick. 

‣Comes complete with grooming loops. 

Each Grooming Arm comes complete with a grooming loop and FREE small/medium-sized Gravitis haunch holder. The grooming loop is padded for comfort and fully adjustable. The arm is adjustable up to 35 inches so you can make sure that your pet is comfortable and standing at the correct height and position whilst you get on with trimming and brushing. 

‣An extra hand when you need it most 

The Grooming Arm holds your pet securely in place so you can get on with the task of clipping, brushing or styling your pet, knowing that they are secure and comfortable and unable to wriggle free. 

‣Ideal for home or professional use. 

The Gravitis Pet Supplies Dog Grooming Arm is suitable for use at home with family pets - or for professional use. It is easy to take along with you to shows or for a mobile grooming business and can be used with most pet grooming tables - just check the measurements before purchase. 

‣Available in three colours. 

Available in Black, Pink or Purple

Please note: this listing is for the Pet Grooming Arm with grooming loop and haunch holder only. The pet grooming table is not included but can be purchased separately. This arm is suitable for use the Gravitis Pet Supplies Professional Dog Grooming Table - or any other grooming table measuring with a table top thickness of up to 2 inches.