Dog Grooming Tool Organiser Caddy

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  • ORGANISE YOUR PET GROOMING TOOLS: Keep everything you need close to hand in this stylish black dog grooming tool rack
  • ROOM FOR EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Stay organised with 8 built-in holders for scissors and tools along with 3 sturdy compartments for clippers, cosmetics and brushes.
  • SECURE, FUSS-FREE WORKSTATION: Fully adjustable to suit the height of your workspace without getting in the way - the pet tool rack keeps everything within arms reach so you can get on with grooming.
  • FITS MOST SQUARE GROOMING TABLE ARMS: Suitable for any grooming arm measuring between 0.75 and 1 square inch
  • FOR PROFESSIONAL OR HOME PET GROOMING: Ideal for professional pet groomers, show dogs and cats or home use - very easy to clean and store when not in use


‣ Keep calm and focus on grooming your pet without any distractions

The Gravitis Pet Grooming Tool Organiser Caddy keeps everything that you need close to hand when you're grooming your animals. No more hunting around for the clippers or the comb whilst your pet tries to escape! The pet tool rack helps you to stay organised and focus on your pet without stopping to look around for the things that you need.

‣ Room for everything you need

Made from durable, high quality yet lightweight black plastic, the Gravitis Pet Grooming Tool Organiser Caddy is easy to install and can be adjusted to suit any height - for maximum convenience and accessibility when grooming your pet. The Caddy has several compartments, with 8 holes for holding scissors and other tools safely in place, 2 larger slots for clippers and combs and a large tray for cosmetics and finishing products. It is very easy to remove the tool organiser from the grooming arm for cleaning and storage when not in use.

‣ Dimensions: 

The grooming tool organiser is suitable for any square grooming arm measuring between 0.75 x 0.75 inches and 1 x 1 inches and the organiser itself measures 7 x7 inches and is 4 inches deep.

‣ Practical, ergonomic design

The caddy is designed specifically so that it does not protrude beyond the grooming arm clamp, which means that it won't intrude into your workspace whilst you are working and it cannot be knocked or tipped over by you or the pet that you are grooming.

Please note: this listing is for the tool organiser caddy only. The table arm, table and pet grooming tools are not included but can be purchased separately.