Pet Dryer Hose Special Used for Single Motor Dog Dryers

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Upgrade your grooming setup with the Gravitis STL-1902 Pet Dryer Hose – the perfect companion for your STL-1902 pet dryer. This hose is designed for precision and performance.

  • Exclusive Compatibility: Tailored for the Gravitis STL-1902 pet dryer, this hose ensures a seamless fit and optimal performance. Please note that it's not compatible with other dryer models.

  • Adjustable Length: With an expandable length range from 30 to 70 inches, you have the flexibility to reach every corner of your grooming area.

  • Comprehensive Kit: This hose comes complete with 4 nozzles and both connectors, providing you with all the essential tools for effective grooming.

  • Heat-Resistant and Elastic: Crafted from heat-resistant and elastic material, this hose is built to endure the demands of professional pet grooming.