Heavy-Duty Dog Hair Dryer Hose Holder

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  • HEAVY DUTY HOSE HOLDER: For use with a heavy-duty dog hair dryer with a hose.
  • HANDS FREE PET DRYING: An extra hand when you need it most, this professional hair dryer hose holder give you the freedom to move around, with less fuss and more action
  • FITS MOST PET GROOMING TABLES: The table clamp will fit any table top from 1-5 cm (2 inches) thick and the universal dryer clamp will firmly grip any hairdryer hose
  • FLEXIBLE BUT FIRM: The high-quality stainless steel gooseneck piping can be angled into any position, holding your dryer hose firmly in place until you're ready to move it again
  • SPEED UP PET DRYING TIME: Get your pet drier, quicker with both hands free to focus on brushing and styling rather than struggling to hold them in position

‣ Dry your pets quickly and conveniently 

The Gravitis Pet Supplies Heavy Duty Dog Hair Dryer Hose Holder is a robust, adjustable dryer holder designed for use with the Gravitis Pet Supplies Pet Grooming Table but suitable for use with most pet grooming tables. 

‣ Dimensions

The table clamp which holds the drying arm in place is designed to fit any table top between 1cm and 5cm (2 inches) thick. The adjustable stainless steel 'gooseneck' drying arm measures 34 inches and can be securely positioned at any angle - making it ideal for drying most domestic animals including cats, dogs and rabbits. The dryer clamp at the top of the drying arm will fit any size hair dryer hose and clamp it securely in place. 

‣An extra hand when you're drying your pet 

We know from experience that when it comes to drying your pet, often two hands are just not enough! The Gravitis Pet Supplies Professional Heavy Duty Dog Hair Dryer Hose Holder enables you to position your dryer hose in the perfect position, whilst leaving both of your hands free for brushing, styling and holding your pet in place. So that you can get the job done quickly and more easily with less fuss. 

‣Ideal for home or professional use. 

This Dryer Hose Holder is suitable for use at home with family pets - or for professional pet care use. It is easy to take along with you to shows or use with a mobile grooming business and can be used with any heavy duty pet drying equipment you already have. 

Please note: this listing is for the hair dryer hose holder only, which is suitable for use with other Gravitis Pet Supplies pet grooming products. The dryer and pet grooming table are not included but can be purchased separately. This hair dryer holder is suitable for use with the Gravitis Pet Supplies Professional Dog Grooming Table - or any other grooming table measuring with a table top thickness of up to 2 inches.