Gravitis Portable Pet Grooming Table

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This Table consists of three parts, Can be completely folded up. Ideal product for mobile groomers and home users who wants to  save a space for trimming.

This item is stable for small and medium breeds of dogs. Table top has the features of water-proof and wear resistant. The grooming bas is purposed to restrict pets from moving. Totally makes pet grooming more efficient!

Capacity: Up to 100lbs

Gross/Net Weight: 18.7lbs / 17.6lbs


ECO Plastic / Stainless Steel /  Painted Steel

Full Size: 20.5*32.5*32"

Folded Size: 20.5*16*3.8"

Height of grooming bar: 35"

Safety Notices:

Be careful not to pinch your finger during folding and opening

Its not a toy and children are prohibited from climbing

Never leave your pet alone on the table

If the pet exceeds 100lbs , it will be at risk of falling down.



Please be aware not all parts fit in the "grooming bag" ( extendable legs and grooming arm has to be carried separately  )