Dog Grooming Loop Set - Neck and Haunch Holder for use with Dog Grooming Table

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  • KEEP YOUR DOG SECURE: 2 sturdy, adjustable loops designed especially to hold your dog firmly in place so you can focus on grooming
  • PADDED AND COMFORTABLE : Each loop is padded for comfort and will not slip or snag.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Squeeze and slide the tabs to fit your dog's neck and haunches to keep them standing up comfortably
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The robust metal cable will not fray or absorb moisture or pet odours and is easy to clean between grooming sessions
  • SUITABLE FOR HOME OR BUSINESS: Suitable for use with any grooming table arm so great for use with pets at home or a professional dog grooming business

‣Comfortable and secure - designed to keep your dog happy

This pair of sturdy grooming loops comes together in a set of 2, designed to hold your dog firmly at the neck and haunches to keep them standing contently whilst you get on with the serious task of grooming. Each loop is padded for comfort and adjustable to fit snugly so that your dog will remain secure and relaxed whilst unable to jump up or wriggle free. 

‣Adjustable and Easy to fit to your dog

Place the loops over your dogs neck and haunches and then press and slide the metal tab on each loop to secure it firmly in place. The metal clip at the top makes it easy to quickly clip on to the grooming arm and unclip again once you have finished grooming your dog.

‣Durable and easy to clean

Each leash is made from tough metal cable with plastic-covered padding that will not rub or snag your dog's hair. The cover also stops the leashes from absorbing any doggy smells or moisture from bathing or styling products and makes them hygienic and easy to clean in between grooming appointments.