Christmas Gift Ideas from Gravitis Pet Supplies – Big Presents

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Christmas Gift Ideas from Gravitis Pet Supplies – Big Presents

In the last of our gift buying guides, this week we take a look at some of the larger items that we sell in the Gravitis pet supplies store. You could be buying one of these as a gift for that special someone in your life or perhaps you’re planning on getting something larger from our store as a present to yourself or with some Christmas money!

Dual Purpose Treadmill

The first big pressie we have is definitely geared around New Year’s Resolutions and if your biggest goal for next year is for you and your pet to get a little bit fitter then you’re going to love our Dual Purpose Electric Treadmill for Dogs and Humans (£579) Designed by Maris Gravitis during the first lockdown, our machine was the world’s first motorised treadmill designed especially for both dogs and humans.

We understand that it’s not always easy to get out and get fit but with our machine, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home and so can your pooch!

Each unit can be converted for canine use in less than three minutes with detachable canvas side panels to help your dog focus when they are running and a removable safety bar at the front to keep them on track.

The system is mains-powered and has a floor-level digital LED display with touch button controls that tells you the number of steps taken, time elapsed, the speed, distance travelled and the amount of calories burned (by humans). It comes complete with a remote control which can be used to stop and start the unit and control the speed during use. This comes complete with a handy wrist loop so you can keep hold of it easily if you are running on the treadmill. The maximum speed is 8 km/h (Approx. 5 mph) so it is best suited for use at a slow jog or brisk walk in humans or walking and running for dogs.

Dog treadmill

At the front of the unit a red clip-on cable works as an emergency stop device for both humans and dogs if they trip or fall from the machine. This should be attached to you or your dog at all times when using the treadmill.

The space-saving design means that the dog treadmill can be stored away easily when not in use. It folds very flat and can be easily stashed under a bed or sofa if you do not want to leave it up all the time, making it ideal for home use.

The maximum weight for this machine is 100kg (220lbs) which mean it is extremely versatile and suitable for both humans and very large dog breeds.

Pet Baths

If you’re not planning on getting fit in the new year (perhaps you’re in great shape already?), maybe you’d rather make a splash with one of our pet grooming baths?

Portable dog grooming bath

Our 53” Plastic Dog Grooming Bath (£495) is a perfect entry level grooming bath, for home use or if you’re starting out with a pet grooming business. This portable mobile pet washing bath has sturdy folding legs and comes complete with an overhead grooming arm positioned diagonally across the tub, with 4 place settings and 2 adjustable grooming loops to keep your animals happy, comfortable and secure during their wash. The tub is made from durable plastic and stainless steel and is fitted with a pair of removable non-slip booster boards to elevate smaller dogs and 2 watertight sliding doors, plus a detachable non-slip ramp for easy loading. The booster boards and tub floor are both covered with non-slip tread to help pets feel safe by preventing them from sliding around during their wash.

If you need a grooming bath that you’re not going to take along with you then our 46” Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Bath (£1185) should meet all of your pet washing needs! And for a limited time we are also giving away one of our best-selling 2800W pet dryers worth £98.55 FREE with every Stainless Steel Bath that we sell!

Dog grooming bath

Our stainless steel pet bath is designed to remain in situ (unlike our portable plastic tub) and has a 'lift and slide' ramp and a sliding door so larger animals can walk straight in. It also comes complete with a non-slip removable floor grate that can be re-positioned at a choice of 2 levels, making it easier to access and wash smaller dogs. 

So that’s the end of our Christmas gift idea round up for this year – our last posting date for guaranteed Christmas delivery this year is the 22nd December. Things are selling fast so if you haven’t been lucky enough to get something you wanted right now, we do have a delivery coming in any time now and we will have everything back in stock. 

Main Photo: Visually Us on Pexels.

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