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We'e had several weeks of lovely sunshine recently and the forecast for next week is looking pretty good as well, but whilst we are enjoying the sunshine it is important to make sure that our pets are comfortable too. Quite often your dog will tag along with whatever we are doing and won't tell us they are overheating until it is too late. So as temperatures soar during this heatwave, it's crucial to prioritise the well-being of your furry friends, particularly dogs who are vulnerable to heat-related issues. Knowing how to keep your dog cool and safe in hot weather...

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We’ve spoken a lot about keeping dogs cool in the heat and spotting the signs of doggy heatstroke, but his blog isn’t just about man’s best friend. Although we tend to think of our cats as sun-worshippers who can take care of their own business better than a dog can, they may still need some help to get through those hot summer days and can get heatstroke just as easily as dog can. So this week we're talking about what to do if your moggy is feeling the heat!  unshine cat photo by Luiza-Maria Scurtu on Pexels Signs of heatstroke in cats...

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