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Introducing our newest addition to the Gravitis Pet Supplies range – our Portable 40” Dog Grooming Bath. This is the third product to be added to our range of pet grooming baths and is ideal for anyone who has been struggling with these familiar problems: You find washing your pets in your own shower or bathtub at home difficult because you have to bend or kneel down, causing backache or knee pain. Your doggy bathtime is very messy or you are worried that your dog could potentially scratch or damage your bath or shower. You struggle to wash your pet...

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The summer hols are almost here and this week we’ve added another new product to our range that will keep your dog happy during those endless sunny days in the garden. Our brand new Gravitis Pet Supplies Dog Paddling Pool is designed especially for dogs and constructed from non-toxic, scratch resistant PVC with a reinforced, non-slip floor. With rigid side panels to help the pool to keep its shape - even when it is empty - it is much tougher than a standard paddling pool. Why is it important to keep your dog cool? We’ve written a couple of blog...

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As mentioned on the blog last week we were very excited to have this smart new item arrive in store - and today we’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our newest product in the Gravitis Pet Supplies range – the Gravitis Pet Supplies Professional Electric Dog Grooming Table. Pet groomers spoke and we listened! Although our best-selling folding dog table is very popular with mobile dog groomers, the pet salons we work with wanted something heavy duty with adjustable height – but with the same build quality as our folding table and other professional grooming tools. So...

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We are very pleased to be able to show you our new range of dog grooming scissors that we have recently added to our collection. Although most of our customers are buying products for dogs, we would like to point out that these precision pet trimmers are also suitable for trimming cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and any other kind of fluffy animal that needs a decent haircut! We have 3 different types of scissors that are available as individual items and three sets of scissors, available in sets of 2, 4 or 5. All of our grooming scissors come complete...

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