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This week, most of the UK has experienced freezing temperatures with ice, frost and snow falling in many areas. Unlike some countries we’re not always sure what to do when we get a bit of snow as it doesn’t happen every year and we can often find ourselves ill-equipped to deal with it. Cold weather can also pose unique challenges for your pets, but with proper care and attention, you can make sure that they stay warm and cosy even in extreme conditions! This week we’re taking a look at how to you can take care of dogs, cats, rabbits,...

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This week we were intrigued to read about a new survey from online marketplace OnBuy which revealed that 73% of people agree that seeing an animal in an online dating profile picture instantly makes someone more attractive. Dogs make you look good The study then went further, asking 4,268 people to ‘pick the specific animals that would increase their likelihood of picking someone with said animal’ in order to ascertain which pets make people more attractive in their online profile picture. The clear winner was dogs. Dog lover Photo by La Miko from Pexels So do cats…and farm animals 84% of respondents said...

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