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You dog’s breed can play a huge role in how sociable they are, along with their individual personality traits. Not everyone wants an affectionate dog. Sometimes those sloppy kisses or a 'shadow' pooch that follows you to the toilet can be a bit too much. Some of us prefer an aloof companion who enjoys their own company and is not desperately trying to get under your duvet or jump on your lap whilst you are driving. If that sounds like the dog, for you…read on! The 6 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds We’ll start with the most affectionate breeds, for those who...

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This is probably not the best time to be talking about choosing a puppy, as this time of year is not an ideal time to be getting any sort of pet. A few decades ago people used to buy puppies for Christmas and then discard them in the new year, leading to the Chief Executive of the Dogs Trust (at that time known as the National Canine Defence League), Clarissa Baldwin to develop the slogan ‘A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas' which famously appeared on car stickers and posters and other campaign information up and down the...

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Welcome back to the second part of our blog about the friendliest dog breeds. Last week we looked at the friendliest small and medium breeds of dog, this week we’re looking at larger dog breeds. In last week’s post we mentioned how, since the advent of social media, some small breeds are becoming popular because of the way they look, even if they don’t always make suitable pets. This is also true of larger dog breeds too. Some people are also influenced by pups they’ve seen on film and TV too. For example, the popular television series Game of Thrones...

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Since the advent of social media, we’ve seen a rise in people choosing dogs merely for their cuteness-factor or good looks – but not every pretty pup is as pleasant off camera. Chihuahuas are bold, brave little dogs and Dachshunds may look very cute but they are actually bred for killing badgers. So, this week we’re taking a look at some of the friendliest dog breeds as we believe if you’re choosing a family pet as a companion, you really need to get along!  Of course, most dogs are friendly creatures, but there are certain breeds that really are man’s...

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Continuing our look at dog breeds, this week we’re looking at the best breeds to get if you like long walks. Over the last year, more people have been buying dogs and they have also been appreciating the great outdoors a lot more – there has been a surge in people relocating to the country or searching for property close to parks and open spaces or with larger gardens and some people have been combining the two by getting a dog and getting outdoors more! But not all breeds are up to the challenge. So this week we’re going to...

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