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In the news this week: Animal charities are warning people to be wary of irresponsible breeders selling puppies and kittens on Facebook, due to the unprecedented demand for pets in the UK during lockdown. Facebook rules clearly state that you are not allowed to buy and sell pets on their site but an investigation by the BBC this week has found many puppies and kittens being offered for sale on the popular social media platform. Now animal charities are telling buyers to beware. Not only because it is wrong to buy a pet on Facebook, but because some of the ads could...

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Welcome to our new monthly blog series all about Murdock the lurcher puppy, with candid insights and practical tips on welcoming a dog into your home. Choosing a Puppy I’ve been looking into getting a pup for quite a long time, since my dear old lurcher Beau passed away a couple of years ago. As a family, we haven’t rushed into things. Beau was a very special dog and we have been taking the time to find the right dog for us, to suit our lifestyle and temperament. A dog that could become an integral part of our family, like Beau...

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