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Welcome to the Puppy Diaries! This is our annual update on the progress of Murdock, a whippety lurcher and subject of our popular puppy diaries series that we started in 2020. Murdock turned four earlier this week and this is how he’s been doing. In our last update we talked about some of Murdock’s issues, how he was coping and what we were doing to try and improve his behaviour. So it’s really great to be able to look back and see how far he has come since then. I think when a dog reaches the age of three you automatically assume...

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This is probably not the best time to be talking about choosing a puppy, as this time of year is not an ideal time to be getting any sort of pet. A few decades ago people used to buy puppies for Christmas and then discard them in the new year, leading to the Chief Executive of the Dogs Trust (at that time known as the National Canine Defence League), Clarissa Baldwin to develop the slogan ‘A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas' which famously appeared on car stickers and posters and other campaign information up and down the...

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According to a new study, it takes the average puppy and kitten owner more than three months to get used to owning their new pet. But despite all the hard work, 78% of new pet owners said that they now considered their pet to be their best friend and six out of ten said that they preferred spending time with their pet more than their partner! Pets at Home surveyed 2,000 UK adults who bought a puppy or kitten over the last 12 months. They found that during the first few days of owning a pet, 58% of owners said...

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This is the ninth instalment of our puppy diary, featuring Murdock the lurcher puppy, with candid insights and practical tips on welcoming a dog into your home. A new collar This month we bought Murdock his first ‘big boy collar.’ He has pretty much stopped growing now – although he may get a little big bigger, his neck isn’t going to increase significantly. As you can see from the photos we got him a traditional sight hound collar. Also known as fishtail collars these collars are normally made of leather and are wide in the middle with tapered ends. Sighthounds...

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This is the eighth instalment of our puppy diary, featuring Murdock the lurcher puppy, with candid insights and practical tips on welcoming a dog into your home. Birthday on the beach Since the last blog, Murdock hit a big milestone in his life. He turned one on the 30th April! To mark the occasion, we had a meet-up on the beach with some of his family members and it was tremendous fun. As a lockdown puppy Murdock can be a little nervous around people and dogs that he doesn’t know but he didn't seem to mind anything or anyone on...

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