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Recently we were interested to read about a new TikTok trend, where dog owners are using purple shampoo on their dogs. The #purpleshampoochallenge first emerged a couple of year ago when people were showing off the amazing results they were getting by using purple shampoo on their hair. Designed for blondes, it can eliminate yellow tones and give a healthy platinum-blonde shine, it’s also often used by older folks to help them achieve a more pleasing tone of silver. Now, for some reason, the trend has moved over to using purple shampoo on dogs to change the tone of their...

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Introducing our newest addition to the Gravitis Pet Supplies range – our Portable 40” Dog Grooming Bath. This is the third product to be added to our range of pet grooming baths and is ideal for anyone who has been struggling with these familiar problems: You find washing your pets in your own shower or bathtub at home difficult because you have to bend or kneel down, causing backache or knee pain. Your doggy bathtime is very messy or you are worried that your dog could potentially scratch or damage your bath or shower. You struggle to wash your pet...

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