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Reflecting on recent events, a lot of people were concerned about what would happen to the Queen’s beloved Corgis and were relieved to find that they would remain with the family and have a loving home with her son in a place that was familiar to them, but many dogs are not quite so lucky. Sometimes it can be difficult for a dog to comprehend what has happened when their owner dies, as we can’t really explain it to them and they may feel the same sense of loss and grief that humans do without any sense of closure. So...

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Knowing what to do in an emergency with your pet could literally save their life. As summer approaches, our pets will often be out and about with us and may be more likely to get themselves into tricky situations where they may need first aid before we are able to get them to a vet.  According to the Blue Cross, the most common emergencies are: heat stroke, bee stings, broken bones or eating toxic substances. The animal charity offers owners some essential tips for avoiding tragedy in case the worst happens. Of course prevention is better than cure so always be...

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As lockdown restrictions continue to lift here in the UK (although at the time of writing, it looks like they may still be delayed a little), we thought we’d look at a popular subject, discussed by the Blue Cross on their blog: how to include your pets in your wedding!  As a nation of animal lovers, more people than ever are involving their pets in their big day, but the animal charity suggests that before you say I do in front of man’s best friend, you need to ask yourself a few questions first, to help you to decide whether...

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