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The star of our puppy diaries series, Murdock attended his first dog show last Sunday. As a mixed breed lurcher, the show was just a bit of fun for Murdock, entering classes for the dog that looks most like its owner (second place) and the most handsome dog (the judge was clearly blind). There was also a chance to try some agility. (He wouldn’t go through the tunnel even when I got in it with a dog treat) and he won a race against his friend Marvin, chasing a lure along a purpose-built track. Family dog shows like this can...

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Next month sees the return of Crufts, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious dog shows. Whether you’re heading down to the NEC in Birmingham to watch it in person or following along on the telly at home, have you ever been tempted to join in? Getting your dog up to show standard can be quite daunting and you will need to have a very well-bred pedigree dog to begin with – but everyone has to start somewhere. And if your dog isn’t a pedigree there are plenty of other classes that might be suitable, such as Flyball, Agility...

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