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The star of our puppy diaries series, Murdock attended his first dog show last Sunday. As a mixed breed lurcher, the show was just a bit of fun for Murdock, entering classes for the dog that looks most like its owner (second place) and the most handsome dog (the judge was clearly blind). There was also a chance to try some agility. (He wouldn’t go through the tunnel even when I got in it with a dog treat) and he won a race against his friend Marvin, chasing a lure along a purpose-built track. Family dog shows like this can...

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As you know, we are very hot on grooming here at Gravitis Pet Supplies – the majority of our business comes from selling dog grooming baths and grooming tables - and our pet hairdryer is the number one bestselling dog hairdryer on Amazon. Which is why we know grooming your pets isn’t just about making them look good – it makes them feel good too, by keeping them healthy and happy with shiny, glossy coats that are free from matts or tangles. As humans, part of our regular grooming routine includes brushing our teeth – and again this isn’t just about looking good, it’s important for our overall...

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This week ITV reported a new aspect to he easing of lockdown that is going to affect thousands of dogs and their owners. After being used to having them at home for several months, many dogs are going to be forlorn once their owners return to work and the canine charity Dogs Trust suggest that the potential for separation anxiety in dogs is a 'ticking time bomb' that is going to cause lots of problems for pets post-lockdown. According to Dogs Trust there are an estimated 8.5 million dogs in the UK, with 24% of households owning at least one...

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We’re now into our eighth week of lockdown in the UK and some of us are sporting some pretty dodgy home-haircuts as hairdressers and barbers remain closed across the country. But it doesn’t have to be this way for your dog. All dogs should be groomed regularly in order to remove dead hair, dandruff and dirt and prevent their coat from becoming matted. As summer approaches, dogs with thicker coats need a lot of brushing to help them shed their winter coat and make way for new growth. Some breeds also need a regular trim to help keep them healthy...

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As mentioned on the blog last week we were very excited to have this smart new item arrive in store - and today we’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our newest product in the Gravitis Pet Supplies range – the Gravitis Pet Supplies Professional Electric Dog Grooming Table. Pet groomers spoke and we listened! Although our best-selling folding dog table is very popular with mobile dog groomers, the pet salons we work with wanted something heavy duty with adjustable height – but with the same build quality as our folding table and other professional grooming tools. So...

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