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We’ve been writing a lot about dogs on the blog recently so this week it’s time to redress the balance and talk about cats – and how downright weird they can be! A new study has revealed that almost half of cat owners don’t understand why their cat does acts the way they do – but they don’t really mind!   2,000 cat owners were surveyed by Pet DNA specialists Wisdom Panel in partnership with cat rescue charity The Scratching Post, based in Waltham Abbey. The study looked at cat behaviour and some of the puzzling things our cats like...

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We all love our pets but sometimes their behaviour can drive us up the wall! A new study commissioned by pet insurance providers, Petplan has revealed 25 of our pets’ most annoying habits. Does your pet peeve appear on the list?According to the study, at least 25% of pet owners are frustrated by their pet’s behaviour at times – but more than 80% find their behaviour endearing! We’re pretty sure that this doesn’t include ‘Doing a poo in a shoe or a slipper’ which made number 25 on the list! Get down! photo by Nick Karvounis on UnsplashResearchers spoke to...

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This week the UK government ended their Plan B Covid restrictions in England, meaning that people who have been encouraged to work from home are now being sent back to the office once more and yet again our pets are facing time alone at home. The COVID-19 pandemic saw a surge in dog ownership in the UK, to around 12 million. During the lockdown many owners forged strong bonds with these pets because they were spending so much quality time at home together. Now, for those dogs who are not used to being left alone, the fact that their owners...

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Next Friday - 5th November - is Bonfire Night here in the UK - a time when folks gather together, light fires, burn effigies and let off fireworks to commemorate a foiled plot by Guy Fawkes to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. Some argue that the trend for lighting fires at this time of year is also derived from the earlier Gaelic festival of Samhain, but - whatever the reasons - our pets definitely don’t care. They’re more concerned about the unexpected flashes and bangs going on outside the window than who is lighting them and why....

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Last week we wrote about how coming out of lockdown could be a ‘ticking time bomb’ for dogs that have become used to having their owners at home with them. The Dogs Trust suggest that many dogs will suffer from separation anxiety once lockdown eases and people begin to return to work - and we looked at different ways to help your dog prepare for being left alone. This week the RSPCA has issued a warning that cats are also going to struggle with the changes in routine when we start getting back to work and have issued some guidelines...

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