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We'e had several weeks of lovely sunshine recently and the forecast for next week is looking pretty good as well, but whilst we are enjoying the sunshine it is important to make sure that our pets are comfortable too. Quite often your dog will tag along with whatever we are doing and won't tell us they are overheating until it is too late. So as temperatures soar during this heatwave, it's crucial to prioritise the well-being of your furry friends, particularly dogs who are vulnerable to heat-related issues. Knowing how to keep your dog cool and safe in hot weather...

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As the temperature rises and the sun shines brighter, it's important to ensure the well-being of our beloved pets, especially cats and dogs, during the summer months. The heat can pose various challenges for our furry companions, including overheating and exposure to potential hazards. In this article, we will explore some essential tips on how to keep your pets cool and safe during the summer and what to do if they encounter common summer hazards like bee stings and barbecues Wet dog pic by Jack Geoghegan on Pexels Bee Stings and Other Summer Hazards for Pets Bee Stings: If your...

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The Blue Cross has recently raised concerns about the number of people walking their dogs during the hot weather, with advice on how to keep your pets cool when the mercury starts rising.    As the weather finally starts to improve here in the UK, with highs of up to 28 degrees over the last couple of weeks, Alison Thomas, Senior Veterinary Surgeon at the Blue Cross hospital in Victoria, London issued a warning to dog owners about how to take care of their dogs during a heatwave. Lockdown saw a huge surge in the number of dog owners in...

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