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It may be February but tick season seems to be getting longer year on year, Milder winters and wetter summers mean that you’re more likely to find one of these critters on your pet almost all year round. You might think that ticks are harmless but they need to be removed properly or they can cause problems for your pet and spread diseases, so just before they start popping up again in your pets fur, lets take a closer look at ticks and why it’s important to protect your pet from them. Terrier photo by Laura Baker on Unsplash What is...

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Ticks are becoming more common across many parts of the UK, largely due to increasing deer numbers. Being bitten by one doesn't necessarily mean you or your pet will get sick, but it is important to make sure that if you find a tick on your pet that you remove it properly as quickly as possible. What is a tick? There are a few different types of tick and they can vary in size from 1mm to 1cm across. Egg-shaped with either a red brown or pebble grey coloured body, they have eight legs which means they look a little...

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