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Last week we looked at the best places to holiday with your dog in the UK as more and more people are taking their pups on vacation with them. So it follows that as this trend for holidaying with out pets continues, more people are looking into travelling overseas with their dog as well. But it is not as straightforward as packing a packet of food and popping them in the car.  Before you travel at all, you need to consider the welfare of your dog first. You may want to share your adventure with them, but will they be...

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According to some sources, the ‘Staycation Boom’ in Britain has well and truly bust, but following the recent chaos at airports and growing cost of living crisis, it looks as though many of us are going to be holidaying in the UK for some time to come! 27% of UK adults now own a dog - and many of us have started to take our pets along with us too – but where are the best places to take them? According to Devon Live, Brits are now suffering from ‘Staycation Fatigue’ and hire rates are dropping off – but for...

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