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The Blue Cross has recently raised concerns about the number of people walking their dogs during the hot weather, with advice on how to keep your pets cool when the mercury starts rising.    As the weather finally starts to improve here in the UK, with highs of up to 28 degrees over the last couple of weeks, Alison Thomas, Senior Veterinary Surgeon at the Blue Cross hospital in Victoria, London issued a warning to dog owners about how to take care of their dogs during a heatwave. Lockdown saw a huge surge in the number of dog owners in...

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As the weather warms up it is good to get outside more with our pets and enjoy the sunshine - but the warm weather can also bring some hazards too. Park authorities nationwide have reported an unprecedented amount of littering and it is important to make sure that your pup is not chewing on discarded cigarette ends or fast food wrappings on your daily walk as these can be extremely harmful. The increase in litter has also brought an increase in insects, including wasps which also pose a danger to your pet. But do you know what to do if...

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