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As the temperature rises and the sun shines brighter, it's important to ensure the well-being of our beloved pets, especially cats and dogs, during the summer months. The heat can pose various challenges for our furry companions, including overheating and exposure to potential hazards. In this article, we will explore some essential tips on how to keep your pets cool and safe during the summer and what to do if they encounter common summer hazards like bee stings and barbecues Wet dog pic by Jack Geoghegan on Pexels Bee Stings and Other Summer Hazards for Pets Bee Stings: If your...

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It’s just a couple more weeks until the school summer holidays, with lots of sunshine forecast perhaps now is a good time to think about treating your dog to one of our specially designed pet paddling pools. Small garden? No problem! The Gravitis Pet Supplies Dog Paddling Pool is available in 3 sizes so you can get one to fit even the smallest back yard, in a space less than a metre square. Our robust pools are designed especially for dogs and constructed from non-toxic, scratch resistant PVC with a reinforced, non-slip floor. The rigid side panels help the pools to...

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As the weather (finally!) begins to warm up here in the UK one lady is on a mission to make sure that we aren’t walking our dogs too much. Dog trainer and author Niki French hit the headlines earlier in the year when she launched ‘Don’t walk your dog day’ to raise awareness of the fact that not all dogs thrive on daily walks. If your dog is nervous or reactive it could be making things worse for them and there are alternative enrichment activities that you can do instead. Now that summer is here, Niki is suggesting that some of...

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Ticks are becoming more common across many parts of the UK, largely due to increasing deer numbers. Being bitten by one doesn't necessarily mean you or your pet will get sick, but it is important to make sure that if you find a tick on your pet that you remove it properly as quickly as possible. What is a tick? There are a few different types of tick and they can vary in size from 1mm to 1cm across. Egg-shaped with either a red brown or pebble grey coloured body, they have eight legs which means they look a little...

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This is the ninth instalment of our puppy diary, featuring Murdock the lurcher puppy, with candid insights and practical tips on welcoming a dog into your home. A new collar This month we bought Murdock his first ‘big boy collar.’ He has pretty much stopped growing now – although he may get a little big bigger, his neck isn’t going to increase significantly. As you can see from the photos we got him a traditional sight hound collar. Also known as fishtail collars these collars are normally made of leather and are wide in the middle with tapered ends. Sighthounds...

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