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 We’ve written quite a lot on the blog about lockdown puppies and the rising number of dogs in the UK that have separation anxiety or simply hate being left home alone. So this week we were very interested to learn of a study by researchers at Queen’s University in Belfast which examines what dogs prefer to listen to when they are alone. According to the freshly-published paper classical music may help dogs to settle when they are separated from their owner, but playing audiobooks had no effect. The findings report that classical music had a ‘moderately-calming effect’ when played to...

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The coronavirus pandemic in the UK saw many of spending a lot of time at home and re-evaluating what is important, and for many of us, this meant getting a dog. But for some folks, things didn’t always go so well. During lockdown many puppies were bought online using ‘click-and-collect’ or ‘click-and-drop’ services, Many dogs were not viewed with their parents or even seen or examined properly before being purchased and the Kennel Club reports that this system of puppy buying has become the ‘norm’ as an alarming legacy of lockdown. Last autumn they conducted their #BePuppywise survey in order to establish...

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A new poll by Attest has revealed what we probably knew all along, Britain is still a nation of animal lovers. 65% of British pet owners have dogs and 41% have cats. More than half of pet owners let their pets sleep in their bed and think nothing of buying the best pet food for their ‘fur babies.’  More time at home and space to re-evaluate what is important played a key part in 11% of Brits deciding to get a new pet during the pandemic. Most pet owners (40%) have just the one pet at home, followed by 2...

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This week the UK government ended their Plan B Covid restrictions in England, meaning that people who have been encouraged to work from home are now being sent back to the office once more and yet again our pets are facing time alone at home. The COVID-19 pandemic saw a surge in dog ownership in the UK, to around 12 million. During the lockdown many owners forged strong bonds with these pets because they were spending so much quality time at home together. Now, for those dogs who are not used to being left alone, the fact that their owners...

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As we’ve talked about before on this blog, during lockdown, puppy sales were booming as many of us in the UK sought a distraction or company during these uncertain times. Unfortunately animal shelters are now seeing an influx of unwanted pups as impulsive owners head back to work, realising that a dog is too much of a commitment – and new figures revealed by pet sale website, Pets4Homes suggest that people now prefer cats! Cat and dog pic by Daniel Tuttle on Unsplash Are the dog days really over? It appears that pet owners in the UK have realised that cats are...

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