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This week the UK government ended their Plan B Covid restrictions in England, meaning that people who have been encouraged to work from home are now being sent back to the office once more and yet again our pets are facing time alone at home. The COVID-19 pandemic saw a surge in dog ownership in the UK, to around 12 million. During the lockdown many owners forged strong bonds with these pets because they were spending so much quality time at home together. Now, for those dogs who are not used to being left alone, the fact that their owners...

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As we begin to return to the office, some pet owners are planning on taking their pets with them to the office as they aren’t sure how to go about leaving them on their own. As we've discussed previously on the blog, a lot of people bought new pets in the pandemic, with pet ownership in the UK rising from 41% of households to 59% in just one year – there are now 12 million dogs in the UK and now it seems that office pets are going to become the latest element of the 'new normal' as they enter our post-lockdown...

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