Doggy cleaning tips – protect your home from muddy paws

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Doggy cleaning tips – protect your home from muddy paws

We’ve covered a few dog grooming topics on the blog so far, so this week we thought we’d look at a different kind of doggy cleaning tip - how to protect your home from smelly dog hair and muddy paws! After the back-to-back storms and continuing downpours at the moment it can seem like your dog and your home will never be clean again! So we’ve got a few tips today to help keep you sane and stop you from feeling like you’re living in the dog’s house and not the other way around. 

Get into a doggy cleaning routine

The first step to keeping your house clean is keeping your dog as clean as possible. Depending on your chosen breed, you will find that some dogs need washing more than others. Some dogs coats tend to repel mud and dirt whilst others seem to attract it. One of the Britain’s most popular dogs, the cockapoo – a cross breed of cocker spaniel and miniature poodle has the unfortunate combination of a poodle coat that attracts and holds dirt with the spaniel’s love of rolling in muddy puddles – however, they don’t moult, so you don’t have to contend with quite so much dog hair throughout your home if you own one of these super-affectionate pups.

Muddy dog Photo by taylor griffith on Unsplash

Bathing your dog regularly with a dog-friendly shampoo along with some routine brushing will help to keep their coat and your home free of doggy debris and smelling pleasant. Just be sure if you’re washing your dog at this time of year that you’ve got the heating on, a dog dryer or a stack of fluffy towels at the ready and make sure that they don’t get cold when they are wet. We have a range of dog baths, a doggy shower head, dog dryers and brushes to help you keep your pooch clean – or if you’re not confident about grooming your dog yourself then find yourself a professional groomer and set a regular date to keep your dog clean and healthy. Some breeds need regular clipping and if they are getting muddy on a regular basis then it is important to keep their coats clipped around the paws to avoid a build up of mud which can lead to infections in this weather.

Be prepared for mud

If you have a cockapoo or other breed that loves dirt then it’s best to be prepared. If you have an entrance hall try shutting them in with some towels or a radiator to dry off when you first come in – or choose another room where – perhaps somewhere with hard floors like the bathroom or kitchen - where you can clean them off before letting them back onto the carpets. Just make sure it is warm and comfortable too. This will really increase your chances of success when attempting to protect your home and furniture from doggy stains and smells. If you can’t keep them shut in, make sure you keep some old towels by the front and back door and try to intercept your dog – and their muddy paws before they spread it throughout your home. Some people use a dog dryer to blast water and debris from their dog as soon as they come in so if you have one of these, keep it by the entrance to your home, along with some towels to catch the dirt as it comes off! We also have a popular range of pet paw washing cups so if you're limited on space this might be the best option. 

Splashing dog Photo by Luke Jones on Unsplash

Use dog-friendly cleaning products

When cleaning your home be sure to use dog-friendly products, as some cleaning sprays and liquids can be harmful. If your dog is the type that likes to drink out of the toilet bowl make sure you keep them away from bleach or if you use a toilet rim block, keep the lid closed! Keep them off freshly-mopped floors until they are dry – because of the chemicals and the slip hazard. Natural or eco-friendly cleaning products are generally a better option but can still present problems so always check the label if you are going to be using them in close proximity to your pet.

Protect your sofa

During the winter months you might want to cover soft furnishings with a throw or blanket. You may have trained your dog to keep off the furniture but you will be surprised what they get up to when they are out! Then just whip the covers off when you have guests to keep up appearances with a dazzling clean, fresh smelling couch.

Dog on the sofa Photo by Mindspace Studio on Unsplash                                                      

Prevent dog hair everywhere

As we head into spring you might find your dog beginning to moult and your house becoming covered in dog hair. Depending on the breed and the texture of their hair this can be really difficult to get out of the carpets. It is worth investing in a special pet hair vacuum cleaner designed to remove even the most stubborn fluff from deep in the pile. You can also prevent the fur from flying in the first place during the moulting period by brushing every day with a special de-shedding comb, designed to pull out the undercoat and reduce the amount of fur in your home. At this time of year you can leave the hair you remove from your dog in the garden for birds to use in their nests, just make sure it doesn’t stick to your shoe or blow back into your house.

Lint rollers are great for getting pet hair off your clothes, but you can also use them to remove fluff from curtains, cushions and soft furnishings too. 

Clean dog toys regularly

Another source of doggy smells around the home are dog toys. Dogs spend a lot of time chewing and slobbering on rubber balls, squeaky bones and in some cases cuddling up to special soft toys too. Make sure you are cleaning these regularly – not just for hygiene reasons but for you pet’s health too. Rubber and plastic toys can be hygienically cleaned in a regular cycle in a dishwasher and most soft toys can be put in the washing machine to keep them smelling fresh and free of germs.

Dogs with toys Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

We know this weather can be depressing but spring is just around the corner so hang in there, soon your dog will stop rolling in mud and shedding fur and you can get outside and enjoy some warm summer evenings together at the park or walking in the countryside.

Have you got any top tips for cleaning your dog – or your home – or both? Let us know in the comments section below.

Main photo of dog and girl by Yingchou Han on Unsplash

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