Gift Ideas from Gravitis Pet Supplies - Christmas 2023

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Gift Ideas from Gravitis Pet Supplies - Christmas 2023

It's that time of year again! (And boy, does it seem to come around quicker every time?) Yes, it's time for our annual round up of Christmas gift ideas from the Gravitis Pet Supplies Shop. So whether you’re looking for a couple of stocking fillers or something more substantial for those lovely pets (or pet groomers) in your life, we’ve got something to suit everyone this year!

Dog grooming scissors

Dog grooming scissors and accessories

If you’re buying a set of dog grooming scissors as a gift, then the our most popular set is our Rainbow Dog Grooming Scissor Set, (£27.95). This four piece set comes complete with a stylish black case and a cleaning cloth. Each set includes:

  • Thinning Shears: Ideal for thinning out dense undercoat or longer flowing hair. These can also be used for adding texture or blending in areas where the coat fades from long to short, creating a perfect, natural finish without leaving any lines.
  • Straight Scissors: Great all-round scissors for all types of dog grooming, with rounded safety tips to protect your dog from sudden movements. An essential piece of equipment for any home or professional salon kit.
  • Curved Scissors: Professional quality curved dog trimming scissors, designed to fit the contours of your dog. These up-curved scissors are suitable for trimming or defining inverted or extruding curves on the head, legs, feet and belly.
  • Rainbow Stainless Steel Comb: An easy to clean, hygienic stainless steel comb. Ideal for combing out any knots and tangles and prepping longer hair for trimming.

All of the items in the set are made from high quality Japanese stainless steel with a hard-wearing iridescent rainbow coating. 

If you’re shopping from someone that’s not a fan of rainbows, then we also some other great scissor sets to choose from. Each set comes in a case making it ideal for gifting:

Gravitis Accessories

If you're looking for something small for the person (or pet) who has everything - or whom, perhaps is already a fan of Gravitis Pet Supplies and has one of our dryers or grooming tables - then you can buy them some additional accessories to go with their set up.

We know from experience that when it comes to drying your pet, usually two hands are just not enough! A Gravitis Pert Supplies Professional Hair Dryer Holder (£33.55) enables you to position your dryer or hose in the perfect position, whilst leaving both hands free for brushing, styling and positioning your pet.

Alternatively, if the person you’re shopping has one of our best selling dog ‘blaster’ dryers with a hose, then our Heavy Duty Dog Hair Dryer Hose Holder, £33.85 gives the same effect as our hair dryer holder, offering that ‘third hand’ for grooming when they need it most! This fully adjustable holder fits most types of grooming table and dryer hose, not just those from the Gravitis Pet Supplies range. 

Hose holder

Our Dog Grooming Tool Organiser Caddy, (£26.85) is an indispensable gadget that fits on the grooming arm of our grooming tables and is fully adjustable to suit the height of the workspace without getting in the way. The caddy has 8 built-in holders for scissors and tools along with 3 sturdy compartments for clippers, cosmetics and brushes. It is designed specifically so that it does not protrude beyond the grooming arm clamp, which so it won’t  intrude into the workspace and can’t be knocked or tipped over by the groomer or the pet that they are grooming.

Gravitis grooming arm tool caddy

Pet Dryers 

If you're looking for a gift with a bit more of a wow factor, then our best selling 2800W Dog Blaster Dryer (£98.55) comes in a choice of 5 colours: Black, Pink, Yellow, Blue or Turquoise. The dryer has variable speed and temperature controls and a  low-noise motor with noise reduction technology including 3 noise-eliminating covers so that even the most nervous dog or cat will feel at ease. The stepless variable speed control means you can control the air flow (from 25M/S - 65M/S) so that your pet is comfortable at all times. There is also a variable temperature setting from 30C-55C (86℉-131℉). 

Gravitis dog blaster

The long hose makes it easy to move around your pet and efficiently direct the airflow to whatever part of the animal you are working on. The 4 nozzle attachments allow you to focus the air further with a combing attachment, enabling you to get the warm air directly into the coat of animals with dense fur. It is ideal for home or professional use.

We also sell a range of accessories for the dryer including a stainless steel wall mounting bracket (£48.55), a hose holder for use with grooming tables, plus replacement hoses and carbon brushes. Perhaps not the most romantic of gifts but probably just the thing that someone you know has really been hoping to find in their stocking this year!

If the person you’re buying for needs a little more power in their dryer, then our Powerful Twin-Motor Pet Dryer (£188.85) should do the trick!

Twin dog blaster

This is our most powerful dryer with twin 4.5HP motors and adjustable airflow settings.

3 nozzle attachments allow you to focus the air further with a combing attachment, enabling you to get the warm air directly into the coat of animals with dense fur. It is also ideal for de-shedding really hairy moulting dogs and very popular with owners of dense-coated dogs such as Alaskan Malamutes and Newfoundlands.

Grooming Tables

If the person you are buying for already has a dryer, then how about getting them a Professional Dog Grooming Table instead? (£88.85)

Not just for dogs, the Gravitis Pet Supplies dog grooming table is a practical and durable folding table, suitable for grooming small to medium sized dogs, any size cat or other furry pet that needs grooming including rabbits or guinea pigs.

Gravitis grooming table

Each table comes complete with a fully adjustable grooming arm which is adjustable to suit the height of your pet, up to 89cm, along with two grooming loops to help hold them securely in place whilst you get on with the grooming. There is also capacity to add more loops to the arm as required.

The table surface is covered in a durable, non-slip, scratch-proof PVC mat, which is held firmly in place with riveted aluminium trim. Your pet will not slip or slide on this surface during grooming. It is also static resistant which means that any dirt, hair or debris that falls from your pet when you are clipping or brushing will not stick to the table - making it very hygienic and incredibly easy to clean. 

Unlike other pet grooming tables the Gravitis Pet Supplies dog grooming table has fully adjustable feet so even if your floor is uneven, you can set the feet level before you begin and it will not wobble during the grooming. This is especially useful for grooming outdoors in the garden - or for mobile groomers who might be setting the table up in a variety of different locations, where conditions cannot always be guaranteed.

We also sell additional grooming loops and other accessories to go with the grooming table such as dryer holders and tool caddies which make excellent stocking fillers. 

Grooming Baths

If you're thinking of gifting a grooming bath to someone that hasn't used one before, then our Portable 40" Pet Bathtub (£188.85) is an ideal starter bath - and also easier to wrap than some of our larger pet tubs! 

Gravitis pet tub

However, if you're looking for a great deal, then check out our 46" Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Bath (£1085). This comes with a FREE dog dryer with every purchase. So you could potentially split this into two gifts - or keep the dryer or bath for yourself and gift the other. 

Gravitis pet bath

The Stainless Steel Dog Bath comes complete with a non slip ramp, overhead grooming arm and a removable grate and is a great choice for professional groomers or show dogs. 

Dog Paddling Pool

If you're looking for a pressie specifically for your pet then we have a couple of great options, both designed to help your pet have fun and get some exercise: a dog paddling pool and a dog treadmill. 

Although it's hard to imagine getting in the pool right now, it won't be long until summer comes around again and our Pet Paddling Pools have been a huge hit with our customers every summer since we first introduced them to our store. 

Available in medium, large and extra large, these pools have been designed specifically for dogs. They are constructed from hardwearing materials with rigid sides, and no inflatable parts, so no punctures! 

Dog paddling pool

Dual Purpose Electric Treadmill

And finally, a unique and useful gift for yourself or your pet - particularly if you have some new year's resolutions to get fit or help your pet to get fitter (perhaps both?), - and now you'll have absolutely no excuse not to take you dog for walkies when it's raining outside! 

The Gravitis Dual Purpose Electric Treadmill for Dogs and Humans (£19.95 - £38.85)  was designed by Gravitis, during the Covid lockdown and was the first dual purpose electric treadmill designed especially for dogs AND humans!

Gravitis pet treadmill

The treadmill can be easily converted for canine use in less than three minutes with detachable canvas side panels to help your dog focus when they are running and a removable safety bar at the front to keep them on track.

The space-saving design means that the dog treadmill can be stored away easily when not in use. It folds very flat and can be easily stashed under a bed or sofa if you do not want to leave it up all the time, making it ideal for home use.

This is what one of our happy customers had to say about the machine:

"A wonderful machine .. really easy to use , totally safe for your dog.. amazing that my dogs and myself can keep fit together when the weather isn’t good enough for a decent walk. Great after sales didn’t take too long for my dogs to get used to it ... highly recommended"

So that's our roundup done for another year, and we hope you're feeling inspired, whether you’re thinking of buying a Gravitis gift for a friend, a partner, your pet or just treating yourself. If there's something you really need when grooming your pet that you can't find here or in any other store, then do let us know in the comments as we are always seeking to expand our range and innovate with new products like our dual purpose treadmill. Necessity is the mother of invention! Have a fabulous festive season. 

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