Introducing our unique NEW treadmill designed especially for dogs AND humans

Introducing our unique NEW treadmill designed especially for dogs AND humans

This week we are very excited to introduce our latest innovative new product that has just arrived in our online shop. The Gravitis Pet Supplies dual purpose electric treadmill for dogs AND humans. Developed from our own original idea, this treadmill is the first of its kind that is designed for use by both pets and their owners.

Inspired by the fact that many pets have been staying in with their owners during the current situation – we realised that not many people are going to want two running machines side by side in their home – particularly if they don’t have much space. We were surprised to see that no one else had thought of this, so we started developing our own machine that can be quickly converted for human or canine use - and folds flat so that it can easily be stored under your bed or sofa. 

Gravitis Pet Supplies Dual Purpose Electric Treadmill For Dogs AND Humans. Dog training motorized running machine for pets and people

Unique convertible design: for dogs AND humans 

If you’re looking for a running machine for your dog, the main difference between our machine and standard dog running machines is that it is able to support up to 100kg - that’s 220lbs - in weight, making suitable for any-sized dogs or most humans (up to almost 16 stone). The attachments that keep the dog on track (the canvas side banners and rail at the front) can be detached quickly and easily to transform it into a regular running machine. 

Whilst some of us are shielding - or simply keen to stay closer to home at the for a variety of reasons - the benefits of getting a dual-purpose machine like this are clear, but once we get back to ‘normal’ you can keep on using the machine to maintain your health and wellbeing - along with other forms of exercise and walking - all year round. If your dog needs to lose a little weight or get fit for an event, then a regular running routine on a dog treadmill will help them to shed pounds or develop their fitness levels.

Lose weight

Certain breeds are more prone to weight gain than others and it is worth checking with your vet to see what weight your dog should be. If you see your dog every day you might not notice that they have gained weight unless someone else points it out to you. If your dog is overweight, then they will be more prone to health issues. Whilst treadmills should not be your dog’s only form of long-term exercise - they provide an excellent solution for both burning excess energy and helping them lose weight, particularly as you are able to monitor the time or distance covered using a treadmill in order to produce consistent results.

Improve Mental Wellbeing 

Many behavioural issues in dogs (and humans) are directly related to how much mental and physical exercise they are getting on a daily basis. If your dog doesn’t have a decent outlet to burn off their excess energy, then they may seek alternative ways to blow off steam - such as destroying your carpets or peeing indoors. So using a treadmill can help to keep you both happy as well as healthy too.

Gravitis Pet Supplies Dual Purpose Electric Treadmill For Dogs AND Humans. Dog training motorized running machine for pets and people

Tips for getting started with your dog on the treadmill

  • Every dog is different. Some prefer to start out with the machine running slowly, others prefer to get on when it is stopped and build up gradually from a standing start.
  • Keep your dog on a lead and stand close by with treats and encouragement.
  • Keep your first session short and increase the length of your sessions gradually over time so that your dog builds confidence. Give them lots of praise and treats afterwards.
  • Once your dog has gained confidence on the treadmill, start to focus on their gait. Ideally the dog needs to be trotting – so that their opposite legs are moving at the same time. At first your dog may be pacing – where both right legs or both left legs are moving at the same time. To encourage tour dog to trot, turn up the speed a little until you see them transition into a trot, then reduce the speed again to a comfortable running pace for your dog. Encouraging them to trot will enable your dog to get the maximum health benefits from using the machine.
  • Just like a human, your dog will need to cool down so before stopping the machine, slow it down and allow them 5-10 minutes to walk slowly and cool down before they stop.

Who’s going first? 

Although this is a dual-purpose running machine, it is worth noting that you can’t use it at the same time as your pet. You will have to take turns and as your dog starts to look forward to their sessions, you may have to flip a coin to see who’s going first! If your dog is running, there is a handy remote control that you can use to start and stop the machine and control the speed. This has a wrist loop attached, so if you are running there is no chance of you dropping it or accidentally flinging it across the room.

Gravitis Pet Supplies Dual Purpose Electric Treadmill For Dogs AND Humans. Dog training motorised running machine for pets and people

Tracking your run

 At the base of the unit there is a bright digital LED display to help you keep track of your run, showing you how many steps you have taken, the time taken, speed, distance and calories burned (by humans), so you can make sure that you and your dog are training consistently. If you’re going to use the machine as well as your dog, it is better suited to slow jogging or brisk walking with a top speed of 8 km/h (Approx. 5 mph). 


The other great feature of this design is the fact that it can be stored away easily. The canvas side panels and dog safety bar are detachable and the whole treadmill folds very flat so that it can easily be stored away under a bed or sofa until you need to use it. Making it ideal for home use.

Gravitis Pet Supplies Dual Purpose Electric Treadmill For Dogs AND Humans. Dog training motorized running machine for pets and people

If you’re interested in getting a machine we have just added them to our website – and if you get one, please let us know how you get on! We’d love to hear about your experience of using the treadmill, either for yourself or your pet.

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  • Penelope

    Could you please consider designing a treadmill for both dog and owner to run side-by-side together? (at the same time). I don’t understand why this doesn’t exist, since we both need the exercise. And I hate the idea that I would have my dog would run for, say, 30 min, and then I would run for 30 min, since my dog is way more motivated to run if I’m running with him, which is naturally how we run together outside.

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