Introducing the Gravitis Pet Supplies Dog Paddling Pool

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Introducing the Gravitis Pet Supplies Dog Paddling Pool

The summer hols are almost here and this week we’ve added another new product to our range that will keep your dog happy during those endless sunny days in the garden. Our brand new Gravitis Pet Supplies Dog Paddling Pool is designed especially for dogs and constructed from non-toxic, scratch resistant PVC with a reinforced, non-slip floor. With rigid side panels to help the pool to keep its shape - even when it is empty - it is much tougher than a standard paddling pool.

Gravitis Pet Supplies Dog Paddling Pool

Why is it important to keep your dog cool?

We’ve written a couple of blog posts recently about heatstroke in dogs and how to keep your pet cool during a heatwave. With another long, hot summer forecast here in the UK it is vital that your pets are kept comfortable and cool with plenty of shade and access to clean drinking water if you want them to enjoy the sunshine as much as you do.

Last year the RSPCA saw a surge in animals suffering from heat exhaustion. This could be because we tend to judge how hot our dog might be by thinking about how hot we are - but they do not experience heat in the same way that humans do – and their bodies regulate their temperature in a different way too. Dogs don’t sweat all over like we do-  and they might not necessarily show you that they are distressed by heat until it’s too late.

As discussed in our recent blog post about heatstroke in dogs, certain breeds are more prone to heatstroke than others – particularly fashionable flat-faced breeds including Pugs, Chow Chows and French Bulldogs - this can be a killer if left untreated and prevention is much better than cure. So what are the best ways to keep our dogs comfortable on hot sunny days?

Hot Corgi Photo by Alvan Nee on UnsplashHot Corgi Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

About the Pool

The Gravitis Pet Supplies Dog Paddling Pool is ideal for keeping your pets cool. It has been designed specifically for dogs with reinforced lining and a non-slip scratch-resistant floor. It is not inflatable, so you don’t have to spend hours pumping it up or trying to squeeze all of the air out of it when you’re packing it away again. This also means it is less prone to punctures from your dog’s teeth and claws too.

At the moment the pool comes in two sizes: Large and Extra Large - but we will be adding a medium and small to the range soon. The large pools are both 30cm deep so they’re definitely better suited to splashing rather than swimming unless you have a really small dog. 

The pool has rigid side panels which make it easy to fold up in a concertina-fashion and it folds down neatly so it is compact and easy to pack away or take with you if you’re taking your dog on holiday. It also has a screw-in drainage plug which makes the whole take-down process simple and easy to manage.

The Extra Large Dog Paddling Pool weighs 5.5kg and measures 160cm in diameter and 30cm deep (Approx. 5.25 feet x 1 foot). When it is folded up and packed away it measures 36cm x 36cm x 18cm. The Large Dog Paddling Pool weighs 4.5kg and measures 120cm in diameter and 30cm deep (Approx. 4 feet x 1 foot). When it is folded up and packed away it measures 36cm x 36cm x 13cm.

Gravitis Pet Supplies Dog Paddling Pool

Keeping your dog cool

If you’re using a pool to keep your dog cool, we recommend keeping it in a shady spot in your garden if possible and fill it with cool but not freezing cold water. If it is a very hot day, your dog could go into shock if the water is too cold. If your dog has short legs then don’t fill it too deep unless you are keeping a close eye on them and if they are too short to climb in and out over the side of the pool (30cm) consider putting something into the pool to enable them to climb out such as some safely stacked bricks or an upturned washing up bowl. 

Some dogs will be keen to get straight in and splash around, but others may need some gentle encouragement. Start by filling the pool by a few inches and letting them stand in the shallow water for a short time, before gradually increasing the amount of water and the timeframe. Even a dip in shallow water can help cool the paws which is where dogs absorb and release most of their heat - and if you splash some water onto their coat this will help them to keep them cool too.

Be sure to supervise your dog at all times in the pool. You may want to check that their claws aren’t too long before they get in - and although the pool is designed to withstand a little chewing, it is better to discourage any destructive behaviour if you want to prolong the life of the pool.

Swimming Retriever Photo by Marcia Soligo on UnsplashSwimming Retriever Photo by Marcia Soligo on Unsplash - NB Our pool is not this deep!

You can read more about keeping your dog cool during a heat wave in this recent blog post -  and if you’ve bought a Gravitis Pet Supplies Dog Paddling Pool we’d love to know how you and your dog are getting on with it! Although this pool has been designed especially for dogs, it can also be used as a pet bath or ball pit for your dog – and is also suitable for family use as a kid’s pool, ball pit, sand pit or garden play space – how do you use yours? Let us know in the comments section below!

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