Our brand new product for 2022: A Portable 40” Pet Grooming Bath

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Our brand new product for 2022: A Portable 40” Pet Grooming Bath

Introducing our newest addition to the Gravitis Pet Supplies range – our Portable 40” Dog Grooming Bath.

This is the third product to be added to our range of pet grooming baths and is ideal for anyone who has been struggling with these familiar problems:

  • You find washing your pets in your own shower or bathtub at home difficult because you have to bend or kneel down, causing backache or knee pain.
  • Your doggy bathtime is very messy or you are worried that your dog could potentially scratch or damage your bath or shower.
  • You struggle to wash your pet as there is no way of securing them in the tub and they often try to jump out.
  • You are low on space, but don’t think it would be practical to have a separate dog grooming bath in your home.

The Gravitis Pet Supplies 40” Portable Dog Grooming Bath solves all of these problems at once! It comes complete with a grooming arm and leashes and can be placed on any height surface, so that you don’t have to bend down to wash your pet, you can do everything at your level and your pet will be held securely in place by the grooming arm, grooming leash and haunch holder, enabling you to position them easily, whilst you keep both hands free for washing, rinsing and grooming them.

Bichon Frise in the tub

If you’d prefer to wash your pets outside you can use the tub in your garden too, or wherever you feel comfortable washing them: on the floor, on a secure work surface or a sturdy table, in whichever room of your home is most practical for you. The tub comes complete with a long drain hose so it’s easy for you to empty it out once you’ve finished washing. (The table pictured is not included)

Inside the portable tub

The bath is constructed from durable PVC Polymer with a solid scratch-proof base and slip-resistant base so you can guarantee that your pet will be safe and secure as you move around washing them. It also has a handy external pocket for you to stash your shampoo, sponges and brushes close to hand as you work.

Portable pet tub

And it’s not just for home use. If you’re a mobile pet groomer then this tub is ideal for taking from job to job. It weighs just 15kgs (33lbs) and will easily fit into the back of a car or van.

Key Product features:

  • PORTABLE DESIGN: This robust pool weighs just 15 kilos and is portable, making it ideal for mobile groomers or people who want to wash their pets at home on a secure work surface without bending down or making a mess in their own bathtub or shower.

  • KEEP YOUR PET SECURE: The tub comes complete with an adjustable grooming arm and leashes to hold your pet securely in place, leaving you with both hands free to focus on washing and grooming. The table is not included.

  • STRONG AND STABLE: The sides of the tub are constructed from PVC Polymer with a solid scratch-resistant bottom. Suitable for small and medium dogs and designed to support a total weight (including water) of 68 kilos (150lbs).

  • EASY TO DRAIN: The tub will hold up to 285 litres (63 gallons) of water and comes complete with a long draining hose, making it very easy to empty the water once you have finished bathing your pet. 

  • SUITABLE FOR MOBILE GROOMERS: This portable dog grooming tub is also ideal for mobile dog groomers as it can easily be transported to different locations. Or kept as a spare ‘back up’ tub in a busy grooming salon which can be used as and when required. 


The bath is approx. 40 inches (1 metre) long 14 inches (35 cm) high and 18 inches (45cm) wide. With the grooming arm at full extension the total height of this product is approx. 39 inches (1 metre). 

The bathtub will hold 285 litres (63 gallons) of water, supporting a weight of up to kilos (150lbs) including water. It is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs.

Total product weight: 15kg (33 lbs).

Portable pet bath with product dimensions

Have you tried using one of our grooming baths yet? We have one to suit every budget and you can find them in our online shop. If you have a feature request for a grooming product let us know in the comments below as we are always looking to develop innovative ideas, to make your life easier, such as our first-of-its-kind dog treadmill that we launched in 2020.

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