New Product: The Gravitis Pet Supplies Professional Electric Dog Grooming Table

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New Product: The Gravitis Pet Supplies Professional Electric Dog Grooming Table

As mentioned on the blog last week we were very excited to have this smart new item arrive in store - and today we’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our newest product in the Gravitis Pet Supplies range – the Gravitis Pet Supplies Professional Electric Dog Grooming Table.

Pet groomers spoke and we listened! Although our best-selling folding dog table is very popular with mobile dog groomers, the pet salons we work with wanted something heavy duty with adjustable height – but with the same build quality as our folding table and other professional grooming tools.

So what are the main differences between the two dog grooming tables?

Electric Grooming tableOur new Electric Grooming table

Great price, exceptional value

Firstly the price – our original folding dog grooming table is the affordable option for mobile or home groomers. Compared to the electric grooming table it smaller, contains less components and is lighter and this is reflected in the price of the table – although our electric table is competitively priced, it does reflect the larger size of the unit and the fact that it is electronically controlled, enabling you to adjust the height as you groom by using a foot pedal at the base of the unit.

Both tables come complete with accessories. The folding table comes with a grooming arm, two grooming leashes and a no-sit haunch holder. The electric table has a sturdier overhead grooming arm which runs right over the top of the table and also includes 2 leashes and a haunch holder.

Practical or Portable? 

The original table is lighter in weight and folds flat so it is ideal for mobile dog grooming, taking to pet shows or grooming pets at home, where it can be folded away and stored easily when not in use as this happy customer explains in her review:

“This is not a flimsy table. It's well made with quality materials. Fully portable due to folding legs, although on the heavy side, which it needs to be. No problem for me, as I keep it in the kitchen cupboard so only need to pull it out and open. Would definitely recommend this table.”

The new electric dog table is heavier due to the electric motor and does not fold flat so it is better suited to salon or professional use. Unlike the folding table it is fully height adjustable and can be raised or lowered smoothly at the touch of a foot pedal whilst you groom. With 120kg of electronically controlled lifting power, this table enables you to raise or lower your workspace from 27.5 to 93cm high. This makes it ideal for any size pet – and any size groomer! If you can’t decide whether you prefer to sit down or stand up during grooming – now you can easily move the table up and down and do both!

The original folding tableThe original Gravitis folding table

All Creatures Great and Small

The electric table is also much larger than the folding table. The grooming surface measures 65.5cm wide by 116cm long compared to the smaller 50cm x 80cm of the folding table. The smaller table is better suited to small to medium-sized dogs, cats and other small animals whereas the larger table is ideal for any size pet and can be lowered to enable a larger dog to get onto the table if they are too heavy to lift – before being gently and smoothly raised via the electronic foot pedals without alarming them - rather like a dentist’s chair.

French Bulldog

Easy to clean and wobble free

Both tables are easy to clean. The grooming surface is coated in non-slip scratch-resistant PVC matting so your dog should feel secure once they are in place and won’t slide about. It is also resistant to static - so any dirt, hair or debris that falls from your pet when you are clipping or brushing will not stick to the table - making them very hygienic and easy to wipe down after each use.

The tables both have independently adjustable rubber feet so you can stabilise them and make them level on uneven floor surfaces and they won’t wobble. Both tables have the same great level of build quality so if you’re worried that the folding table might be less sturdy then you needn’t be as this customer explains:

“I've had a few grooming tables over the years. This one is moderately priced and well made. The legs lock into place, which is useful as I have seen similar designs where the legs don't lock 'fold up' with the dog on top!” 

And this customer’s dog - Coal the poodle - loves it too!

 “I use this every day for grooming my Poodle in fact he just loves it. It is so easy to put together even for me an older lady. I do not take it down I leave it up so that I can make use of it after walks and that is where Coal makes for as soon as he comes in doors.”

Black poodle

We haven’t had any reviews for our new electric table yet but we’re hoping it will be just as big a hit with our customers and their pets! Do you use our grooming tables? Are there any other features you’d like to see added in future products? If you’re looking for somewhere to out your tools we sell a grooming arm caddy but perhaps you have an idea for some additional features or products that we should be adding to our range? Let us know in the comments section below!

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