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Welcome to part two of our festive blog, looking at how you can keep your pets safe and happy during the festive period. Last week we looked at physical wellbeing, including food and drink that pets should never have, along with non-edible Christmas hazards including decorations and candles that can cause problems for cats and dogs. We also talked about giving your guests some ground rules when it comes to sharing food or handing out treats. This week we’re looking at how to protect both you and your pet’s mental and emotional wellbeing during what can be a very stressful...

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This seems to have come around VERY quickly again this year, but December is here and it’s time for our annual festive post on keeping your pet safe during the festive period, with a list of food and drinks to avoid along with a reminder of the hazards of Christmas decorations! This year we’ve split the blog into two parts, so this week we’ll be taking a look at food and decorations and in the second part we’ll look at ways to reduce stress at Christmas, both for yourself and for your pets and how to spread some Christmas cheer...

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It's that time of year again! (And boy, does it seem to come around quicker every time?) Yes, it's time for our annual round up of Christmas gift ideas from the Gravitis Pet Supplies Shop. So whether you’re looking for a couple of stocking fillers or something more substantial for those lovely pets (or pet groomers) in your life, we’ve got something to suit everyone this year! Dog grooming scissors and accessories If you’re buying a set of dog grooming scissors as a gift, then the our most popular set is our Rainbow Dog Grooming Scissor Set, (£27.95). This four piece set comes complete with...

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Since we wrote our article about the surge in pet ownership in Britain last June, pet ownership in the UK has increased even further. According to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) 13 million UK households now own a pet dog and 12 million own a pet cat. You can find out how these statistics compare with the rest of the world in this fascinating article by the World Animal Foundation. But why do we all love our pets so much? Calico cat photo by Amiya Nanda on Pexels The Magic of Companionship  The emotional support that we derive from our...

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Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes and when it comes to dogs, some breeds are just naturally predisposed to exude buckets of boundless joy and exuberance. As winter draws closer we think everyone could do with a little bit more of that doggy joy and love in their lives which is why this week we’re looking at the ten happiest breeds of dog, the ten most loyal breeds of dog – that are likely to stick to you like Velcro - and how to tell if your dog loves you. Let’s face it, for most people it’s a given...

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