Christmas Gift Ideas from Gravitis Pet Supplies – Main Presents

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Christmas Gift Ideas from Gravitis Pet Supplies – Main Presents

Welcome back to our gift buying guide, This week we continue our look at Christmas present ideas from the Gravitis pet supplies range with a look at two of our big bestsellers.

Pet Dryers

Our 2800W Dog Blaster Dryer (£98.55) comes in a choice of 5 colours: Black, Pink, Yellow, Blue or Turquoise. The dryer has variable speed and temperature controls and a  low-noise motor with noise reduction technology including 3 noise-eliminating covers so that even the most nervous dog or cat will feel at ease. The stepless variable speed control means you can control the air flow (from 25M/S - 65M/S) so that your pet is comfortable at all times. There is also a variable temperature setting from 30C-55C (86℉-131℉).

Dog dryer

The long hose makes it easy to move around your pet and efficiently direct the airflow to whatever part of the animal you are working on. The 4 nozzle attachments allow you to focus the air further with a combing attachment, enabling you to get the warm air directly into the coat of animals with dense fur. It is ideal for home or professional use. 

Dryer mounting bracket

We also sell a range of accessories for the dryer including a stainless steel wall mounting bracket (£48.55), a hose holder for use with grooming tables (£28.85), plus replacement hoses (£14.25) and carbon brushes (£15.95).

Spare dryer hose

If the person you’re buying for needs a little more power in their dryer - maybe they need it to de-shed a Malamute or blow dry an Old-English Sheep Dog, then our Professional Double-Motor Blaster Dryer (£138) should do the trick!

Mega dryer

This is our most powerful dryer with 4.2HP of power with self heating motors. The low-noise twin motor technology with noise reduction technology and 3 noise-eliminating covers, mean that although not silent, this dryer is quieter than many pet dryer and operates at under 78DB so it is not too frightening for your pet. 

3 nozzle attachments allow you to focus the air further with a combing attachment, enabling you to get the warm air directly into the coat of animals with dense fur. It is also ideal for de-shedding really hairy moulting dogs and very popular with Malamute and Newfoundland dog owners.

Grooming Tables

If the person you are buying for already has a dryer, then how about getting them a professional dog grooming table? (£78.85).

Grooming table

Not just for dogs, the Gravitis Pet Supplies dog grooming table is a practical and durable folding table, suitable for grooming small to medium sized dogs, any size cat or other furry pet that needs grooming including rabbits or guinea pigs. 

Each table comes complete with a fully adjustable grooming arm which is adjustable up to 89cm - to suit the height of your pet - and two grooming loops which will hold them securely in place whilst you get on with the grooming. There is also capacity to add more loops to the arm as required.

The table surface is covered in a durable, non-slip, scratch-proof PVC mat, which is held firmly in place with riveted aluminium trim. Your pet will not slip or slide on this surface during grooming. It is also static resistant which means that any dirt, hair or debris that falls from your pet when you are clipping or brushing will not stick to the table - making it very hygienic and incredibly easy to clean.

Unlike other pet grooming tables the Gravitis Pet Supplies dog grooming table has fully adjustable feet so even if your floor is uneven, you can set the feet level before you begin and it will not wobble during the grooming. This is especially useful for grooming outdoors in the garden - or for mobile groomers who might be setting the table up in a variety of different locations, where conditions cannot always be guaranteed. 

We also sell additional grooming loops and other accessories to go with the grooming table such as dryer holders and tool caddies which we mentioned in last week’s stocking filler post. 

So whether you’re thinking of buying a pet-themed gifts for a friend, a partner or even for yourself, we really do have something to suit every budget. If you really fancy treating yourself, your pet or someone you love to a special gift from our range, make sure you come back for next week’s post featuring a selection of our top of the range equipment!

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