Christmas Gift Ideas from Gravitis Pet Supplies. Part One: Stocking Fillers

Christmas Gift Ideas from Gravitis Pet Supplies. Part One: Stocking Fillers

Christmas is just around the corner so this month we thought we’d talk you through a few of the items we have for sale in our online store. You might be buying something as a gift for yourself, the pet lover in your life or even as a gift for your pet. Whatever you need we have something to suit your budget and we’re kicking off this three-part series with a look at some stocking fillers from the Gravitis Pet Supplies range.

Dog grooming scissors and accessories

If you’re looking for dog grooming scissors as a gift then the set with the most wow factor is definitely our Rainbow Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Set, (£27.95). This four piece set comes complete with a stylish black case and a cleaning cloth. The set comprises:

  • Thinning Shears: Ideal for thinning out dense undercoat or longer flowing hair. These can also be used for adding texture or blending in areas where the coat fades from long to short, creating a perfect, natural finish without leaving any lines.
  • Straight Scissors: Great all-round scissors for all types of dog grooming, with rounded safety tips to protect your dog from sudden movements. An essential piece of equipment for any home or professional salon kit.
  • Curved Scissors: Professional quality curved dog trimming scissors, designed to fit the contours of your dog. These up-curved scissors are suitable for trimming or defining inverted or extruding curves on the head, legs, feet and belly.
  • Rainbow Stainless Steel Comb: An easy to clean, hygienic stainless steel comb. Ideal for combing out any knots and tangles and prepping longer hair for trimming.

rainbow scissors

All of the items in the set are made from high quality Japanese stainless steel with a hard-wearing iridescent rainbow coating.

If you’re shopping from someone that’s not a fan of rainbows, then we also have:

Bluse scissorsBlue and Silver Five Piece Professional Dog Grooming Set with Case, £26.85

blue scissors set of twoBlue and Silver Two Piece Professional Dog Grooming Set with Case, £22.95

curved scissorsBlack-handled Professional Curved Dog Grooming Scissors with Case, £25.85

thinning shearsBlack-handled Professional Dog Thinning Shears with Case, £21.85

pink handled scissorsPink-handled Professional 7.5” Straight dog grooming scissors with case, £21.55

Gravitis Accessories

If the person (or pet) that you are buying for is already a fan of Gravitis Pet Supplies and has one of our dryers or grooming tables then you can buy them some additional accessories to go with their set up. We’ll be talking about our range of dog dryers in next week’s Christmas countdown post, but if the person you’re buying for already has a dryer then they may be interested in one of our hair dryer holders.

We know from experience that when it comes to drying your pet, often two hands are just not enough! Our dryer holders enable you to position your dryer or hose in the perfect position, whilst leaving both of your hands free for brushing, styling and holding your pet in place. So that you can get the job done easily.

hair dryer holderProfessional Hair Dryer Holder, £28.55

This dryer holder fits most types of grooming table and hair dryer. An extra hand when you need it most, this professional hair dryer holder gives you more freedom to move around, with less fuss and more action. The high-quality gooseneck piping can be angled into any position, holding your dryer firmly in place until you're ready to move it again. Perfect for professional or domestic use.

hose holder

Does the person you’re buying for have one of our dog dryers with a hose, rather than a hand held dryer? Then our Heavy Duty Dog Hair Dryer Hose Holder, £28.85 gives the same effect - offering a ‘third hand’ when you need it most! Again this fully adjustable holder fits most types of grooming table and dryer hose.

tool caddy

If they have one of our grooming tables then they will probably find our Dog Grooming Tool Organiser Caddy, £24.85 indispensable too. This fits on the grooming arm and is fully adjustable to suit the height of the workspace without getting in the way - the pet tool rack keeps everything within arms reach so you can get on with grooming. The caddy has 8 built-in holders for scissors and tools along with 3 sturdy compartments for clippers, cosmetics and brushes.

The caddy is designed specifically so that it does not protrude beyond the grooming arm clamp, which means that it won't intrude into your workspace whilst you are working and it cannot be knocked or tipped over by you or the pet that you are grooming.

So that’s our round up of our stocking fillers from our website. We also sell grooming arms, replacement hoses and grooming leashes on our site too - perhaps not the most glamorous gift, but for some of us it could be exactly what we wanted and your pets will certainly look glamorous one they’ve been pampered with something from our range of grooming tools and accessories.

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