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Have you ever tried to work out your pet’s age in cat or dog years? Do they act their ‘age’? Until very recently people have used the same ‘multiply by 7’ formula for both - but now scientists reckon we’ve been doing it all wrong… A new way to measure dog years Based on average lifespans we tend to assume that a dog ages 7 years for each of our 1. So a 1-year-old puppy is like a 7-year-old child and a 14-year-old dog is a 98-year-old pensioner. However, scientists in California have just debunked the dog-year theory with new...

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Many people don't wash their pet cat for the whole of it's lifetime. And why would you want to wash a cat? Our latest blog posts explores why and how you would go about washing your kitty and which breeds love water the most

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